2nd Stage of World Cup 2015 – «Cup of information technology»

Международная федерация шашек IDF — Секция-64 Всемирной федерации шашек FMJD в соответствии с Календарем соревнований на 2015 год в период с 27 июня (приезд и блиц) по 2 июля 2015 года проводит в Казани (Россия) 2-й Этап Кубка мира 2015 года по шашкам-64 — Международные соревнования «Кубок информационных технологий». 2-й Этап кубка мира завершен. Победил международный гроссмейстер Дмитрий Цинман. Смотрите итоги.

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9 июля в «Казанских ведомостях» опубликована статья о турнире.  Смотри статью  ЗДЕСЬ


2-й Этап кубка мира завершен. Уверенную победу одержал международный гроссмейстер Дмитрий Цинман. на 2-м месте Сергей Белошеев, Андрей Федотов на третьем месте.   Таблица


Дмитрий Цинман лидирует после 8-го тура с 7-ю очками. Сергей Белошеев имеет 6,5 очков, Владислав Мазур — 6 очков. Они играют между собой в последнем туре.


После 6-ти туров единолично со стопроцентным результатом лидирует Дмитрий Цинман. Андрей Федотов и Сергей Белошеевимеют по 5 очков.


Дмитрий Цинман и Андрей Федотов лидируют после 4-х туров со стопроцентным результатом.


Стартовала классическая программа. В соревнованиях принимают участие 53 игрока из 10 стран. Стартовый лист


2-й Этап Кубка мира 2015 года по шашкам-64 — Международные соревнования «Кубок информационных технологий» стартовал 27 июня в помещении ГАОУДО «ЦСДЮШШОР им. Р.Г. Нежметдинова».

Сегодня прошел турнир по молниеносной игре.

В турнире приняли участие 63 игрока из 8 стран: Беларуси, Германии, Израиля, Молдовы, Туркменистана, Украины, Узбекистана и России. Победу в турнире одержал международный гроссмейстер Евгений Кондраченко из Беларуси, набравший 11,5 очка.

Подробную информацию смотрите на сайте турнира.    Таблица блиц



Organizers of the competitions are:
1) International Draughts Federation IDF – Section-64 FMJD
2) Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan
3) Draughts Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan
4) TSSDYUSHSHOR of R.G. Nezhmetdinov

Place, date

Competitions are held from June 27 (the day of arrival and Blitz) to July 02, 2015 in Kazan (Russia), in «TSSDYUSHSHOR of R.G.Nezhmetdinov» (Butlerova street, 7) – in front of the Kazan State Financial and Economic Institute.

Directions: from the bus station by bus number 54, trolley bus number 21; from the train station by bus number 10, 30, 63, trolley bus number 7 to the stop «Tukai area».

All participants must register and pay tournament fee June 27 from 9:00 to 14:00 in the «TSSDYUSHSHOR R.G.Nezhmetdinov»
After that time players who not registered to participate in the tournament are not allowed.


Date Time Event
June 27 9.00-14.30 Registration of participants
14.35 Draw of the 1st round of Blitz
15.00 Blitz
June 28 10.00 Round 1
15.00 Round 2
June 29 11.00 Opening ceremony
Awarding ceremony for winners of Blitz
11.30 Round 3
15.30 Round 4
June 30 11.00 Round 5
15.00 Round 6
July 01 11.00 Round 7
15.00 Round 8
July 02 11.00 Round 9
15.00 Closing ceremony

Schedule may be changed. Time and date of registration, opening and closing of the tournament is final.


The competition is open to all players, regardless of age and rating, with a sport category not less than the first, who paid entry fee and registered. The number of participants representing the country is not limited.

Tournament regulations

Competitions will be held on the Swiss system according to the Section-64 rules.
The draw will be conducted by the computer program.

Competitions will be held in the Russian version of draughts-64 by the system of micro-matches consist of 4 games (2 games for Blitz) with the draw of the first move of white and black.

Time control is 20 minutes till the end of the game + 5 seconds per move for each participant in the classic game and 3 minutes till the end of the game + 1 second per move for each participant in the blitz game. Number of rounds is in the classic program — 9; in the Blitz – 13.

Protests against decisions of main referee must be submitted in writing to the chairman of the Appeals Committee within 30 minutes after the round. The appeal shall be accompanied by a pledge of 2 000 Russian rubles. If the protest is upheld, the applicant returns the full deposit amount. If the protest is rejected the deposit amount is sent to the prize fund. Protests on computerized draw will not be accepted. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

Additional rules:

1) Delay in the first game of micro-match on 20 minutes or more leads to the total defeat of the micro-match.
2) For the calling a mobile phone or any other electronic signal during the game player loses.
3) Never agree to a draw before the 20th move in the game.
4) Analysis of the party in the playing hall is not permitted.
5) It is strictly forbidden to be in the game room in a state of alcoholic and drugs.
6) In the case of the facts of contractual nature of the game main referee may decide to deduct the defeat to both players.
7) In the event of failure to appear in the game without prior notice to the referee, the participant is eliminated from the tournament.


The prize fund is formed from money of the Draughts Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan (not less than 50,000 rubles) and 50% of the tournament fees. 50% of the tournament fees go to the tournament costs. About the final size of the prize fund and its distribution will be communicated to participants prior to the start of round 2.

Participants must to be on the closing ceremony, in breach of the item they are deprived of prizes.

The participants of the tournament will receive points in the overall World Cup standings in accordance with the regulations of the World Cup 2015.


Requests for accommodation must be submitted to June 05, 2015. After that date the tournament committee does not provide reservation of seats to accommodate the participants.

Tournament fees

Classic program:

— for Grandmasters, representing the Republic of Tatarstan and the participants at the special invitation of the organizers – no fee;
— for the masters of sports, representing RT – 300 rubles.
— for candidates of master of sports, representing RT – 600 rubles.
— for the 1st category, representing the RT – 1000 rubles.
— for international grandmasters – 1500 rubles.
— for international masters and masters of FMJD – 2 000 rubles.
— for national masters of sports – 2 500 rubles.
— for candidates of master of sports – 3 000 rubles.
— for the 1st category – 4000 rubles.

Blitz: tournament fee for participants, representing RT is 250 rubles; for all other participants — 500 rubles.

Financial conditions

TSSDYUSHSHOR of R.G.Nezhmetdinov paid:
— Costs for travel, food and accommodation for 6 foreign players (1 player from the country with a sport category not less than a Master FMJD);
— All costs for main referee and costs for the work of referees.

The costs of all other participants (food, accommodation, travel, etc.) paid by the sending organization or themselves.


To receive fuller information on tournament and to submit the applications for participation and accommodation it is possible on the following contacts:

Tsinman Dmitry, e-mail [email protected]
+7-843-236-01-83 (work)
+7-843-238-49-06 (fax)
+7-917-39-15-148 (mob)


Complete information about the tournament will be regularly updated on the official website of the FMJD Section-64 www.fmjd64.org and website of Draughts Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan www.tatshashki.ru

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