Regulations of the World Cup 2014 in draughts-64


Regulations World Cup 2014 engl           Regulations World Cup 2014 rus 

1. Goals and objectives.

Competitions are held for the developing of draughts-64 in the world.

The objectives of the World Cup are:
— Improving Sports Mastery;
— Performance of norms of international titles;
— Identification of best players;
— The selection to the official competitions in 2015;
— Strengthening the friendly relations between the draughts players from different countries.

2. Competition organizers.

Overall management of the organization of competitions carried out by:
— Section-64 of the World Draughts Federation FMJD — International Draughts Federation IDF (Next Section-64);
— National Federations of Draughts;
— The organizers of each stage of the World Cup.

Direct holding of competitions shall Main judiciary board approved by the Section-64.

3. Place and date.

The World Cup is held in six stages:

Stage Competition Place Version Date
1 International competition «Rimini– 2014» Rimini
RUS, BR, IT 14.06.2014 21.06.2014
2 International competition «Pardubice – 2014» Pardubice
Czech Republic
RUS, BR, CZ 09.07.2014 17.07.2014
3 International competition «White Nights – 2014» St. Petersburg
RUS 19.07.2014 27.07.2014
4 International ompetition «Cup of Information Technology» Kazan
RUS 10.08.2014 15.08.2014
5 International competition «Portugal – 2014» Albufeira
RUS, BR, PT 01.11.2014 09.11.2014
6 World Cup final International competition memory V. Sokov St.Petersburg
RUS 07.12.2014  14.12.2014

4. Participants.

All sportsmen’s, regardless of gender, age and rating, with sports category at least «candidate of master of sport» can participate in the competition at all stages of the World Cup.

5. System of competitions.

Competitions are personal.
Competitions are held in accordance with the Official Rules of Section-64.
The system and time control is set at every stage of the panel of judges to the number of participants and their qualifications.
Norms of international titles are set in competitions in accordance with the rules of the FMJD.

6. Determination of winners.

Place in the competition at each stage are determined by the highest total of points scored by the participants. For the victory is given – 2 points for a draw – one for loss – 0.

In the case when the points from two or more participants are equal places of participants are defined according to the criteria of the corresponding system of the competition.

7. Overall World Cup standings.

Players get points in each stage of the World Cup according taken places in the following order:

Taken place Points version RUS Points version BR, CZ, IT, PT
1 35 10
2 30 9
3 27 8
4 24 7
5 21 6
6 18 5
7 15 4
8 12 3
9 9 1
10 8 1
11 7 1
12 6 1
13 5 1
14 4 1
15 3 1
16 … 1 1

3 best results shown in stages go into the overall World Cup standings.
Participants in addition to the points for the top 3 stages shown in Russian version, get bonus points for participation in each program on the Brazilian, Czech, Italian, Portugal version (in the table).

Depending on the level of the tournament, additional coefficients are introduced.

Counting system of coefficients:

1) The number of participating countries

The number of countries The bonus coefficient
less than 5 0.9
5-6 1,0
7-9 1,1
10 and more 1,2

2) The number of participants

The number of participants The bonus coefficient
less than 26 0,9
26-36 1
more than 36 1,1

The coefficients on items 1) and 2) are multiplied together and multiplied by the number of points for the busy place.

In case of a tie of two or more participants, places participants in the finals of the World Cup are determined by the highest place of employment in the classic program of one of the stages in which they participated.

8. Awarding.

World Cup winner is given the title of «Winner of the World Cup 2014 in draughts-64».
He awarded the trophy, medal and diploma.
The participants, who came in the World Cup in second and third position awarded with medals and diplomas.

Prize fund in overall World Cup is € 3,000:

1st  place – 1000 EUR
2nd place –  600 EUR
3rd place –  450 EUR
4th place –  300 EUR
5th place –  200 EUR
6th place –  150 EUR
Best veteran 60 +   100 EUR
Best woman            – 100 EUR

Best boy born in 1998 and younger – 100 EUR

Participants are required to be present at closing ceremony, in case of violation of this paragraph they are deprive of official awards.

Prize-winners of the World Cup in 2014 are allowed to participate in the World Championship in 2015.

The winner of the World Cup 2014 will be provided with accommodation and meals by the organizers of World Championship. He will pay tournament fee in a single amount.  Another prize-winners will participate in the World Championship in 2015 without a tournament fee.

9. Financing.

Costs at each stage:
— For the competition, prize fund, payment for the panel of judges, staff, travel expenses, computer support – at the expenses of organizers;
— Admission (accommodation, food, travel expenses) for some foreign participants and invited participants with high ratings (as agreed) – at the expenses of organizers;
— The costs of all other participants (accommodation, food, travel expenses, visas, etc.) – at the expenses of the sending organizations or the participants themselves;
— The costs of the awards in the Overall World Cup (Cup, medals, diplomas, awards, prize money) at the expenses of Section-64.



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