1st Stage of World Cup — International competition memory E. Stepanov

The 1st Stage of World Cup 2013 was held from 6 to 13 of March in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Gavril Kolesov led throughout the tournament and won with a score of 7,5 points out of 9. See results.  

International grandmasters:  Kolesov Gavril — sixfold world champion, winner of 2nd World Mind Sports Games 2012; Tsinman Dmitry — winner of the World Cup in draughts-64 2012, Amrillaev Murodullo — World Champion in rapid game,  Kirillov Yuri — multiple champion of Russia, champion of Europe among veterans; grandmaster Belikov Anton — multiple champion of Russia, prize winner of international competitions; grandmaster  Chernyshev Petr — multiple champion of Russia, prize winner of international competitions; international grandmasters Zhekev Mirat and Byashimov Akhmet from Kazakhstan, and other strong players of the world arrived at the 1st Stage of World Cup 2013.

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You can see an interview on TV with the president of Draughts Federation of Chelyabinsk region Shonin Alexey HERE

Blitz program

Blitz program was held March 6.   The best player of the World Gavril Kolesov won blitz program.
2nd place shared three players — Amrillaev Murodullo, Kirillov Yuri and Nikiforov Dmitry, they took place 2-4 in the same order on additional criteria.

Table of blitz


During the opening ceremony a super-match of the four strongest players, Kolesov Gavril, Tsinman Dimitry, Belikov Anton and Amrillaev Murodullo was held. 
The fight was for the right to possession of the Cup of Champions in 2013.
Kolesov Gavril won super-match.

 Table of super-match

Classic program

Classic program started March7.

Final standing


Rules of 1st stage of World Cup

Announcement rus

The Section-64 FMJD – IDF in accordance with the calendar of the Section-64-IDF competitions in 2013 and Draughts Federation of Chelyabinsk region  holds from March 5 (day of arrival) till March 13, 2013 in Chelyabinsk (Russia) the International competitions in memory of Grandmaster Eugene Stepanov among men and women – 1st Stage of World Cup 2013 in draughts-64

Competitions will be held in the Russian version of draughts-64 for two types of programs: the classic program – with time control 45 minutes before the end of the game and the blitz program with time controls 3 minutes before the end of the game or with other time controls when used electronic clock.

Opening ceremony and 1st round will be March 6.

Participants claimed by their national federations are allowed to participate in competition.

Immediately upon arrival at the competition each participant pays an organizational entry fee 1000 rubles for participation in the classic program
and 300 rubles for the blitz program. All expenses for participants are paid by sending organizations.

The prize fund is at least one thousand dollars.

Applications must be submitted to the Draughts Federation of Chelyabinsk region no later than February 25, 2013 at [email protected] or tel. +7 9191190720.

During the tournament will be held awarding ceremony of «World Draughts Oscars» by the results of 2012 (information will be published on this site and site www.shashki.org).

The turnout and registration: ul.Vasenko 100, Chelyabinsk, Russia.


In Chelyabinsk: Shonin Alexey, e-mail: [email protected], tel. +7 9191190720 (mob); tel / fax: +7 (351) 2661867

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