European Men and Women Championships, 21-30/10/2012, Suzdal, Russia

World Seniors Championship, 06-15/09/2012, Evpatoria, Ukraine

World Youth Championship 23 years born and younger, 06-15/09/2012, Evpatoria, Ukraine

2nd_WMSG, 15-23/08/2012, Lille, France

World Youth Championship, 06-15/07/2012, Balchik, Bulgaria

European Youth Championship, 27/04-05/05/2012, Borisov, Belarus


World Cup

World Cup final standing (engl)

World Cup final standing (rus)                         

International cometitions memory V. Sokov, 09-17/12/2012, St. Petersburg, Russia

International cometitions memory Chapichev, 16-22/09/2012, Evpatoria, Ukraine

Cup of Information Technology, 11-17/08/2012, Kazan, Russia

Tikhvin-2012, 30/07-07/08/2012, Tikhvin, Russia

White Nights-2012, 21-30/07/2012, St.Petersburg, Russia

International competition memory E. Stepanov, 05-13/03/2012, Chelyabinsk, Russia




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