FMJD Section 64 left the FMJD and work under the brand IDF

October 11, 2015 a new FMJD Statutes was approved on General Assembly FMJD, which will held in Izmir (Turkey). New FMJD Statutes artificially establishes the dominant position of draughts 100 and discrimination of all other kinds of draughts. It violates all the accepted norms and principles of sports. The Olympic Charter is broken!

In this regard, FMJD Section-64 (Russian-Brazilian), presented in FMJD the International Draughts Federation IDF, left the FMJD and continue to work independently under the brand IDF.

The International Draughts Federation IDF will continue to develop various kinds of draughts on a standard 64-cell board. We invite all interested persons.

Follow our activities on new IDF website HERE

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