World Youth Championship in Balchik, Bulgaria

balchik-gerbWorld Youth Championship in draughts-64 was held in the Basic School of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the town of Balchik, Bulgaria. See results and photo from awarding ceremony. 

Players from 15 countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) took part in the competition.

143 players  took part in the blitz, 145  players  took part in the rapid and classic programs.


Photo from awarding ceremony of classic program

Team standing

Photo of champions           Photo from awarding ceremony of rapid and blitz    


Classic.  Edgaras Petrauskas, Lithuania, (B 19),  Zhanna Sarshaeva, Russia, (G 19), Domantas Norkus, Lithuania, (B 16), Vera Khvaschinskaya, Belarus, (G 16), Romanov Ilia, Russia, (B 13), Maryia  Mironava, Belarus, (G13), Nikita Volkov, Russia, (B 10), Daria  Kudriavtseva, Russia, (G10)

Rapid. Samandar Kalanov, Uzbekistan, (B19),  Zhanna Sarshaeva, Russia, (G 19), Nikita Slavyanov, Russia, (B16), Valeriya Kryshtal, Ukraine, (G16), Felix Shepel, Ukraine, (B13), Maryia  Mironava, Belarus, (G13),  Ivan Levkin, Russia, (B10), Svetlana Ulanova, Moldova, (G 10)

Blitz. Vladislav Mazur, Ukraine, (B 19), Zhanna Sarshaeva, Russia, (G 19), Mirat Zhekeev, Kazakhstan, (B 16), Vera Khvaschinskaya, Belarus, (G 16), Igor Palguev, Russia, (B 13), Irina Anurina, Russia, (G 13), Nikita Volkov, Russia, (B 10), Elena Lapenkova, Russia, (G 10)



Age groups


B19 G19 B16 G16 B13 G13 B10



B19 G 19 B16 G16 B13 G13 B10 G 10



G19 B16 G16





1 round





 -09/07-  -09/07- -09/07-   -09/07-

2 round





 -10/07-  -10/07-  -10/07-  -10/07-

3 round





 -10/07-  -10/07-  -10/07-  -10/07

4 round

 -11/07-  -11/07-  -11/07-  -11/07-  -11/07-  -11/07-  -11/07-  -11/07-

5 round

 -12/07-  -12/07-  -12/07-


 -12/07-  -12/07-  -12/07-  -12/07-

6 round

 -13/07-  -13/07-  -12/07-


 -12/07-  -13/07-  -12/07-  -13/07-

7 round

 -14/07-  -14/07-  -13/07-


 -13/07-  -14/07- -13/07-   -14/07-

8 round

 -14/07-  -14/07-  -14/07-

9 round



The Section 64 FMJD in accordance with the calendar of the Section 64 competitions in 2012 holds Personal-team World Youth Championship in draughts-64.

Place, date

Championship will be held in Complex “Kaleidoscope”, Balchik, Bulgaria from July 06, (arrival day) till July 15, 2012.
Credentials Committee will work July 06, from 14.00 till 22.00.
All participants must have medical insurance for the period of competition.
Draw will be July 06, at 22.00.
Participants who did not pass the Credentials Committee to 22.00 participate in the additional draw which will be held July 07, at 09.30. These participants pay an additional fee 20 Euro.
Opening ceremony will be held July 07, at 10.00.
Closing ceremony will be held July 15, at 10.00. Departure of participants is from 12.00.
Participants must to be on the closing ceremony of the competition, in breach of the item they are deprived of official awards FMJD.

Tournament regulations

Championship is held separately for boys and girls in four age groups: juniors born in 1993-95, the cadets born in 1996-98, the junior cadets born in 1999-01 and hopes born in 2002 and later, in the three types of programs: the classic game – with time control 45 minutes till the end of the game plus 10 seconds on each move, the rapid game with time control 10 minutes till the end of the game plus 5 seconds on each move, and the blitz game with time control 3 minutes (participants born 1999 and younger – 5 minutes) till the end of the game plus 3 seconds on each move.
System of competition is Swiss or round robin, depending on the number of participants.
In the age group juniors born in 1993-95 all programs are held by the Brazilian version of draughts-64, in the other age groups all programs are held by the Russian version of draughts-64.
All programs are held by the system of micro-matches consisting of two games.
The draw of the first move of the white binding on both games of the micro-match is held in the juniors and the cadet’s competitions.
Team places are defined by the maximum amount of points scored 8 best players (one from each age group for boys and girls) in the classic game. Team places are determined also separately for boys and girls teams according the maximum amounts of points scored 4 best players (one in each age group for boys or girls) in the classic game.
European and World Youth champions of any years, the winners of World Youth Championship-2011 and European Youth Championship-2012, the participants claimed by national federations are allowed to participate in Personal-team World Youth Championship-2012.
Applications for participation in the Championship must be submitted to the Section 64 until June 05, 2012.

Tournament fees

Each participant of the competitions should pay organizational tournament fee at the day of arrival: three representatives of each country in every age group among boys and girls – 45 (forty five) euro for participating in the program with classical time control, 10 (ten) euro for the blitz program and 10 (ten) euro for the rapid program. For other players tournament fee is 90 (ninety) euro for the program with classical time control, 20 (twenty) euro for the blitz and 20 (twenty) euro for rapid program.

Accommodation and meals

The Organizational Committee provides with accommodation and meals on four participants from each country (one in each age group – boy or girl) from July 06, lunch, to July 15, breakfast (total 9 days). Their travel costs, as well as the costs of accommodation, meals and travel of other participants pays by their sending organizations.
Participants who provide accommodation and meals through the organizers are required to participate in all three programs: with the classical control, rapid program and blitz.
For other participants, coaches and accompanying cost of accommodation in a double room with 4 meals a day for each person per day is:
Complex “Kaleidoscope” ** – 23 Euro
Complex “Kaleidoscope” *** – 24 Euro
Apartment complex “Garden Palace” **** – 25 Euro
Single room – 30 Euro.
All participants must be placed by the organizers!
Payment in BGN (1 Euro exchange rate of approximately = 1,94-1,95 BGN)
Due to the high season, you need book accommodation from the organizers to June 5, 2012 and confirm the visit no later than June 15!


From Varna airport terminal number 1 – number 409 bus to the bus station of Varna / ticket costs 1 BGN, you can buy ticket in a bus /. From the bus station of Varna by bus to the bus station of town Balchik /Spirka/ – near hotel PARIS. The ticket costs 5 BGN (you need to buy ticket in a bus station – and sometimes on the bus).
You go longer 3 minutes walking towards the sea to the complex Kaleidoscope – near a school.
Buses run from 6.30 am to 19.30 pm.
From Varna Airport you can take a taxi to the city of Varna – the prices are written in the hall of the airport.
The organizers can order a transfer from the airport to the complex Kaleidoscope in Balchik.


For visas you need contact with Mr. Yanev Bogdan not later than 25.05.2012.
You need specify in the application for a visa status (player, coach, accompanying), the name, surname as in passport, date of birth, № of passport and its validity.
Invitations will be sent to your address. Letter goes a long time!


Section-64: Langin Vladimir, mob +79219562001, e-mail [email protected], Skype: langin.vladimir
With all hospitality, visa and travel questions please contact:
Mr. Yanev Bogdan, mob +359 896446124; e-mail: [email protected], Skype: bogdan.s.yanev
You can see information about Balchik on the


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