General Assembly FMJD in Izmir, Turkey

General Assembly FMJD will held  in Izmir, Turkey, on October 11, 2015. FMJD Board represent a new FMJD Statutes for approval of General Assembly. New FMJD Statutes (The new version of the unaccepted Statute 2012) artificially establishes the dominant position of draughts 100 and discrimination of all other kinds of draughts. You can see the documents to the General Assembly from FMJD site:

Announcement letter
Introduction Statutes proposal
Proposal statutes
Proposal Internal Regulations

The International Draughts Federation IDF as section-64 FMJD gave its assessment this Statutes:

Letter No 58 from Section-64

The FMJD General Assembly will held in Izmir, October 11, and the leadership of the FMJD, Gentlemen Otten, Teer, Pawlicki, are going to push a new the FMJD Statutes using all the methods available to them. This document will strengthen discrimination of all kinds of draughts in favor of only draughts-100, which violates all the accepted norms and principles of sports. The Olympic Charter is broken!

At the General Assembly 2012 in Lille, national federations clearly expressed their will: all kinds of draughts within FMJD must be equal, because in almost every country is developing several types of draughts, and not just draughts-100. There are several countries where people play only in draughts-100, while in the other FMJD member countries the different kinds of draughts-64 are developing at least not worse than draughts-100. That is why in Lille national federations refused to even consider the discriminatory Statutes. Among those who voted against were such different countries as Italy, Uganda, Russia, Mongolia, Israel and others.

However, Gentlemen Otten, Teer and Pawlicki, undertake a new attempt to secure domination of the Dutch national game above all the others. The situation looks very similar to what happened in recent years in the FIFA, when solutions of the federation leaders issued for democratic with the help of corrupt schemes. We would not be surprised if a few delegates of the Assembly who can finally reach Turkey will “vote” for the new Statutes.

At the same time, all these years, the leadership of the Section 64 makes a lot of efforts to normalize the situation within the FMJD. In our proposals, we guided by the democratic principles of equality, which was supported by the delegates of the General Assembly in Lille. Despite the illegitimate e-voting, under the current Statutes, I am still the president of Russian/Brazilian Section and do a lot for the development of both types of draughts.

In response to the FMJD leader’s initiative of the adoption of the new Statutes, we offered two options:

1. To create a Draughts Union that brought together on an equal basis the FMJD, as federation for draughts-100, and different draughts-64 federations – IDF, WCDF etc. We were ready to find an influential figure for the presidency of the Union – not even from Russia – and to provide funding for the office of the organization, that is about 20 000 – 30 000 euros annually.

2 To work as partners under the brand of the FMJD on condition of compliance of the principle of equality in the FMJD Statutes and its solutions. Gentlemen Otten, Teer and Pawlicki did not even discuss our proposal, but immediately refused.

Summarizing, six-year reign of Mr. Otten in a month could absolutely regularly lead to loss of the status of the FMJD as the unified and the only international sports draughts federation in the World.

In the case of adoption of the new discriminatory Statutes since the October 11, there will be already two independent international federations to develop various types of draughts in the world.

International Draughts Federation (IDF) does not exist, as FMJD, for subsidies of the SportAccord. We have a serious sponsors support and we are actively developing. For three years after Lille, we have done a great job and raised the draughts-64 on a fundamentally different and higher level. In recent years, players from 35-40 countries participated in the World Championships in draughts-64, and the prize funds of Championships counts about 30-50 000 euros. We actively develop draughts for children and widen our geography: 46 national federations are already joined the IDF. Within our organization we are also developing Portuguese, Czech, Italian draughts. And this is not the limit.

You can compare these figures with the deplorable state of affairs in the FMJD to which brought the FMJD inefficient management by Harry Otten and Co. Disruption of such significant events as the World Championship in Brazil, and match for the World title speak volumes.

We also insist for the General Assembly considered the complaints to the FMJD Ethics Committee from the Section-64 and the Russian Draughts Federation, which we cannot receive an answer since April 2014. Any unlawful actions of the FMJD management should receive a valuation from its members, but not hush it as practiced in recent years.

Despite the fact that now the IDF is no less powerful than the FMJD organization with a clear funding sources and more efficient management, we do not want a split of the draughts sport in the World. We call upon national federations to stop the madness of the FMJD leaders – Otten, Teer and Pawlicki – and to refuse adoption of the proposed Statutes.

Wisdom should prevail, and then all kinds of draughts in the World will be able to develop harmoniously within a single organization on an equal basis.

International Draughts Federation – FMJD Section-64         Vladimir Langin


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